Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I'm here. It's Real!

Sing along with me: Welcome to my blog, blog. Wel-come.To.My.Blooogggg!

So, this is what it's like to be an author.

:::Proudly surveying all that I command:::

Okay, so all that I command consists of a not even near done work-in-progress (WIP), an older YA mss that "needs some work" according to my editor, and of course my babies, SO NOT THE DRAMA and DON'T GET IT TWISTED. Still...

Life is good.

Life is also hectic. But I hereby promise to blog as much as I can about behind-the-scenes of getting published, on being a frenzied cheer coach and the glam side of being an author - I was promised celeb encounters and durnit, there better be some.

I'm a total author groupie and a music fanatic. So if you're into reading and music, I think we'll get along just fine.

Roll with my blog and you might find yourself hooked up with some great swag...or at least some good swag. Cliquin' has its privileges, you know.

I also hereby promise to run a contest each month on the website (that's how you'll get the swag). And if I don't, you're allowed to pester me, effectively nudging me away from Project Runway and Making The Band 3 - it's so awful I have to watch - long enough to post the newest contest.

Lastly, I promise to read your comments. Because I might run out of stuff to talk about and your comments could become the topic du jour. So comments, please. Don't leave me lonely out here in bloggerville.

Until then, go create a little drama of your own. Life's more fun that way.

The Hip Lit Chick Diva