Friday, March 20, 2009

Rockin' The Drop This Year

Last year, I was at the Romantic Times convention in Pittsburgh (yes, yes, Steeler fans we know. You won the Super Bowl. Geez). And though I suppose I could have Rocked The Drop right there in Steel City, I didn't feel comfortable doing it in a location unfamiliar to me.

And now that I think on it, Pittsburgh didn't have any one area teeming with people, much less teen readers. But I digress.

This year I am totally going to Rock The Drop with Readergirlz!

Operation Teen Book Drop

I'm not gonna lie, I feel very odd about simply "dropping" my book somewhere. I swear, I'm already fearing the strobe lights and siren as they pick me up for littering.

But I'm going to overcome my fear and drop a few books near teen friendly places in the area. I have a few in mind, but feel like I should truly strategize this.

I know, me overthink something? Pish, never.

But spread the word. The point of the event is to have teens and authors drop their favorite books. So anyone can do it.

Get to dropping.

I love this initiative. It would be cool to walk around my city and see random books lying in wait for a teen to find them. It's all very covert and sneaky in a book nerd kind of way.

Hey, if the title fits, I'm wearing it!

But, on April 16th if you see one of my DRB books lying around wasn't me.


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